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     Best rug cleaning experience I've had, so efficient and a great result from Islington Cleaning Company.
Darnell C.22/01/2018
     We've got a lot of pets in the home, so having the help of the carpet cleaners from Islington Cleaning Company is the only way we're able to keep the house looking and smelling fresh. It's such a relief not to have to worry about it, and also to know that there are experts doing it right.
Piter K.13/12/2017
     IslingtonCleaners have given me the free time that I desperately needed. Between my job and my family, I never had time to relax, and cleaning was something that was taking up lots of my spare hours. Professional cleaning was a service I thought to be too expensive, but this company is very cheap and very good at home cleaning. I have an amazingly clean house and get time to relax, and I couldn't be more thrilled!
Alex Kearney29/01/2015
     I have to rate IslingtonCleaners ten out of ten for the support they gave me. I had recently bought some second-hand upholstered furniture for a good deal, but the condition wasn't great. I called the firm up to see if they could help and they sure did. A cleaner came to my house and knew everything about upholstery cleaning. He fixed and washed the furniture so it looked as good as new. If they could restore my furniture, they can do it for anyone.
N. Rivers18/12/2014
     IslingtonCleaners are the cleaners to use if you are looking for a first rate cleaning service. They work quickly but efficiently and if as a customer, you are dissatisfied, they will immediately put it right. My Cleaner attends whilst I am at work and even lets my dog out in the garden for me and makes sure his water bowl is full. My house is always cleaned to a high standard and I cannot fault the cleaning. I am due to move house soon and only hope that my new house is still within their working area!
Sue P.05/11/2014
     It can be tough to find cleaners that will treat your wooden floor with the respect and care it deserves. When it comes to hard floor cleaning though I have found that IslingtonCleaners are about the best around. They came to my home with a great attitude and great equipment and products and set to work immediately. The job was done quickly and well and the cleaners were all very affable and knew their job inside out. I would recommend this service unreservedly and I will not hesitate to get them back to my home when the floors need attention next. I was very impressed indeed, I was happy with the work.
Bradley Y.09/10/2014
     I recently had a spot of trouble with the marble floors in my home when my kid dropped some paint. I could have never imagined it would get soaked up that quickly or stain the flooring like that. Luckily, I had the number for IslingtonCleaners and they sent over a team of professional cleaners right away. The cleaning contractors managed to control the stain and get it out. I could have never managed such results on my own and I'm so grateful. Absolutely recommend them for any floor cleaning emergencies you may have!
Ian R.19/09/2014
     Wow, what to say about IslingtonCleaners?! I have spent a lot of time these last few weeks trying to find a local cleaning company that could help me keep on top of everything I had to do. All the other services locally were just not good enough for me, but here, I know that I can trust in IslingtonCleaners and my cleaner to get the job done! The house didn't even look this clean when we bought it!! My friends can't stop commenting on how sparkling my floor is, either, always a positive!
     I used to think that cleaning services were for those with six figure salaries, and monogrammed gates. Not anymore though, IslingtonCleaners showed me that with a little shopping around you can find a cleaner that will take care of your home on the cheap. I was thoroughly impressed with the service that they provided. They sent over a kind and friendly cleaner, who just in a matter of hours got the place looking just like the day it was built. I urge anyone who reads this to give them a try. I won't be changing companies any time soon, that's how highly I rate them!
     My daughter held a party for friends and a glass of red wine was spilt on the settee. I was not happy, but knew I needed it sorted. I searched the local directory in my town, and found a same day service and called. IslingtonCleaners were brilliant, the office sent the clean team with the hour and they set to work on the upholstery to remove the stains. I was so pleased with the prompt service, and the friendliness of the staff. The stains had soon disappeared and the cost was good too. I will definitely pass on the contact details of this amazing company. They did a great job.
Maurice Townes24/07/2014
     This is a fantastic office cleaning service. My office looks very clean and sanitary all of the time, and my office equipment is cleaned with the greatest care and attention to detail. I'm very happy with the cleaning staff, who are polite and friendly, and I've never had any problems of any sort. I've been hiring IslingtonCleaners's office cleaning service for a few months now and I've recommended them to all of my business associates. I couldn't be more thrilled with what is an experienced and professional office cleaning service! I haven't found one that even compares to the quality of this clean!
     I have a 3 bedroom terrace house that I rent out for contractors and students who need short term lets. After my last tenants left I was horrified to see the mess they had left behind. I just didn't know where to begin to tackle this massive cleanup. I browsed the internet in desperation and hope that I could find someone else to help. I liked the look of IslingtonCleaners so I called them for a price first. Happy with the price I gave them the job. After 5 hours the house was transformed and my stress was finally gone. If you find yourself in the same position then I would definitely recommend them.
Evan Davies12/06/2014
     Should you be concerned by the state that your house gets in when you are busy, then you may have thought about getting a cleaning company round. I am the same, and have been using IslingtonCleaners very happily for a while now. They always give me a great service for a great rate, and I never feel like I am being ripped off, which is rare in the service industry nowadays. I hope that those reading thins will try them out and get the same service as I have.
Malcolm Scott29/04/2014
     I wanted a one-off clean after a birthday party I'd had. I knew the party would leave my house as an absolute mess and so I hired a team of cleaners from IslingtonCleaners. They weren't late arriving which I appreciated, and they got right down to business without any messing around. I've used cleaners before who seemed to have no idea what they were doing, but these cleaners were really efficient and sensible. The house looked better than it had done the night before once they'd finished, and the whole service was very affordable. An impressive cleaning company by anyone's standards!
Phillip R.17/04/2014
     The carpet in the lounge needed a good clean. After trying to clean it myself many times, and miserably failing, my wife heard about IslingtonCleaners. I was a little hesitant since I did not want to pay a lot to have my carpet cleaned. I was surprised to see how low their prices were. Then I started judging their services as not being very good. However, that too turned out to be just in my head. They came and restored our carpets to their original condition and did so with very little effort. The carpet looked great, was super soft and smelt great, which made the room look and smell great as well.
Michael Gill28/03/2014
     I called IslingtonCleaners to provide a thorough clean for my office. I needed a reliable company that could provide a thorough and convenient cleaning service. I was able to arrange a perfect cleaning schedule with the team at IslingtonCleaners that suited my own busy schedule. The cleaning team comes at the end of every work day and ensures that the office looks clean and tidy when we arrive in the morning. They always keep to task and go above and beyond to ensure that the entire office is clean. I would definitely recommend hiring them for any routine cleaning you may need. Thanks for the consistent hard work.
Gloria L. 18/02/2014
     Essentially, the toughest bits of cleaning are the ones that never get done. If I'm honest with you, I never bother with things like oven cleaning, as it's such a pain, and it really can take it out of you! I much prefer to do the house work like normal, but then have a deep clean every few weeks, courtesy of IslingtonCleaners. They always do a fantastic job, and I am always bowled over by the speed and efficiency that they have in their working manner. It is great to get such a great job done for such a great price.