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5 Time Saving Cleaning Tips
02Sep 2014
5 Time Saving Cleaning TipsSaving time is not about doing things as quickly as possible. In the same way that value does not necessarily mean cheap, you need to be aware that saving time means doing the best possible job, in the best possible time. Rushing things will only mean that you have to come back and do them again later, and for this reason, it is pretty important that you are not simply trying to go as fast as possible. There is no doubt that speed is important, but speed is only going to be useful to you if it comes alongside a well considered and thorough approach to the process of domestic cleaning. Have a look over the following five pointers to see exactly how you can put this kind of thinking in to action. 1.    Divide and conquer. You will find that one of the best ways to save time on the cleaning is to spread it thinly across the days of the week. Some people will lump the cleaning together in to one day or in to large chunks, and this is bound to get you down, and meant that you don’t do as good a job. If you divide up the jobs in to more manageable chunks, then the likelihood is that you are not at nearly as much risk of getting bored or tired of the job at hand, and doing less of a good job. Feeling lackadaisical about the way in which you do things can mean that they take longer as well, so getting each job done in a shot sharp burst will help you enormously.2.    Doing these jobs more regularly will reduce the amount of dirt that you need to clean up. You will find that there are various ways in which you can speed up the cleaning, but the fact of the matter is that the less dirt there is, the less cleaning you need to do. It tend to be that you can get away with cleaning most areas of the house once a week, but of course certain areas like the bathroom and kitchen may need a little more, depending on how many people live I the house. If you do these things once a week, then the cleaning can be reduced down to a quick wipe down, rather than a battle with the grease and grime!3.    Try to find more universal cleaning products. You will no doubt find that there is a lot that you can do with things like surface cleaner, washing up liquid and carpet shampoo, across the rooms of the house. Using one thing for various jobs will mean that you save time in selecting products, and it will save you a decent amount of money as well.4.    Try to time your cleaning carefully, so that you are letting the product do as much of the work as possible. You will find that this can mean leaving a shower head in vinegar overnight, or leaving oven cleaner in place for an hour whilst you do something else. It will make things quicker and easier.5.    One of the main things that people forget is that they are often the source of the mess that they have to clean. If you are clever about the ways in which you use your home, then you can limit the amount of cleaning that you need to do. Try living in a clean and tidy way, to see if it makes your life easier when it comes to actually cleaning and tidying!

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