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Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Cleaning
16Oct 2014
Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom CleaningThe bathroom is where all of the personal cleaning takes place, so it really does make sense to keep the surroundings as hygienic as possible. So every now and again you should give the bathroom a thorough going over. Here’s how to approach this task in an effective and efficient manner.The first step, like any complex home cleaning task is to get yourself prepared. Gather up all of your cleaning agents and tools, and set them aside in a convenient place. It might sound like an obvious step but it’s one that you really should not overlook for a good reason; efficiency. By allowing yourself to transition from task to task, you keep yourself in the rhythm of things, so the job gets done well and at a brisk pace. For reference’s sake, here’s a quick check-list.- A few bottles of all purpose cleaning agent- Some bleach- Toilet brush- A few scrubbing pads- Disposable wipes- Mop and bucket- Rubber gloves- Tile cleaner (optional)Once you’ve set everything aside, get started on clearing the bathroom of loose items. Make sure the floor and all of the counters are free of clutter, so every corner is easily accessible. Once that’s done, put your bathmats in the washer, open the windows to allow the room to be ventilated, and we can start on some thorough domestic cleaning.Pour bleach around the edges of the toilet bowl to loosen up any messes and disinfect it. Bleach takes a while to complete its task so it’s worthwhile to do this first - multi-tasking is the key to proper cleaning rhythm. While the bleach does its job, move onto the other bathroom appliances. The shower walls and shower head have a tendency to accumulate soap scum and lime scale, so spray them with your all purpose cleaner, and give them a good scrub. Repeat until it’s all been loosened and removed, and repeat the task on the shower curtain, the sink and the bath. Once you’re happy with the result, pour some bleach down the plug holes and turn on the taps for a few seconds to rinse. When that’s taken care of, you can finish cleaning the toilet. Wipe down the outside of the bowl with disposable wipes, and use some of your all purpose cleaner on the dirtier parts. Then scrub the inside of the bowl with the toilet brush, and flush to finish the job. For the walls and counter tops, mix two parts warm water and one part bleach together in a small bucket, and scrub the walls with a scrubbing pad. For tiled surfaces, use a tile cleaner as a substitute - it’ll work better. Be sure to do a properly thorough job, because even though it’ll take a while it will be well worth it by the end.And finally, finish up by making a fresh batch of bleach/warm water solution, and mop up the floor. Be sure to start at the wall opposite the door, and work your way forwards to avoid contaminating the areas you’ve already cleaned. Then, you can leave the floor to dry, and put everything back in its place!That’s pretty much everything to say. Keeping your home clean is crucial, and the bathroom is no exception to that rule. If you find yourself short of time and feel it’s time to for a good clean-up, why not try hiring a professional cleaning company? There are plenty to choose from, and they’ll provide expert cleaning services for a reasonable price.

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